The Bleeding Rose

The Bleeding Rose is a metaphor for women experiencing endometriosis and conditions related to the pelvic area. 
The purpose of  The Bleeding Rose project goes beyond creating awareness of endometriosis. It is a mission to inform people – and especially those women who believe that endometriosis is an incurable disease – that it is not. Endometriosis can actually be healed, it can be healed in a natural way, and that is an experience some genuine women in the world carry.


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There is a lot more coming! Meanwhile, get yourself familiar with the creative mind and Soul behind The Bleeding Rose Project. We are giving birth to a long story to become something inspiring, supportive and helpful to all of you. That means coming back to the roots and preparing lots of seeds that have been in incubation over the past 20 years. We wish our passionate efforts will bring you blossoms too! Read more about our Peaceful Warrior >>

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